Vancouver Residential Appraisals, a branch of Portland Residential Appraisals, takes a unique approach to operating an appraisal firm.


We believe that we are better appraisers and our clients are better served when we combine our resources, experience and abilities. Instead of a group of individual professionals or a group of employees in support of a few, we empower our appraisers to become the best appraisal professionals possible. We have systems in place that allow us to share our experience, knowledge and analysis; and we provide support to help our appraisers achieve the highest levels of expertise and professionalism.


When you choose Vancouver, Washington Residential Appraisals for your appraisal needs no matter who the appraiser, you are getting the experience and expertise of our team of professionals. This provides our clients the best possible service and sets us apart from the traditional appraisal firm. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.


For our Oregon customers, please visit our Portland location for more information.